How do I know if a token is worth investing in?

When we consider the cryptocurrency space, there are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies that are actively traded.

Each cryptocurrency is different, and often value of a cryptocurrency does not necessarily come from gold or from a central bank fiat currency…

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I am Plus ONE.
Happy birthday to me.

If you are not a #KLV bag holder, I don't think it is wise to join the Klever Blockchain Governance token minting event.

The initial minting token will be 150,000 #KFI in 30days.

The team will be pulling out 2.5Million of their KLV to mint KFI, and all KLV generally…

The Launch of Smart Contract Multi-signature Mechanism by Newdex.

Newdex’s realization of smart contract multi-signature is a major upgrade in terms of security.

With multiple BPs, Newdex has officially launched the smart contract multi-signature mechanism.

Multi-signature mechanism has now been supported by 11 nodes across the network, including BPs, security companies and well-known wallets; eosnationftw, atticlabeosb, eosinfstones, blockpooleos, eoscannonchn, eosiomeetone, eosrapidprod,, zbeosbp11111, slowmistiobp, Tokenpocket (in no particular order).

The multi-signature of Newdex smart contract adopts the “1+3” mechanism. In the future, smart contract modification and fund transfer will require at least three other nodes in addition to Newdex.

It can rule out the possibility of the Newdex’s misappropriation of smart contract funds, which is more conducive to ensuring the safety of users’ assets and improving users’ trust.

#NDX #Newdex #DeFi #EOS #Blockchain #Smartcontract

Hope you are not missing on the Token sale of #Cypherium?

The first decentralized smart contract platform for creating and connecting dApps, CBDCs, Enterprises, and Digital Assets.

A project that features a hybrid dual chain consensus mechanism, combining Proof-of-Work and HotStuff, to scale to billions of users and preserve full…

Have you ever miss a public sale or you’ve not participated on any public sale?

I believe the most, best and enterprise ready blockchain public sale you should never miss is the #Cypherium token public sale.

Cypherium is an enterprise-ready blockchain that is addressing the key shortcomings of existing public…

Newdex, the world's leading decentralized exchange and some of it's staking benefits.

Non-custodial management, Real-time checkable datas on-chain.

Decentralized trading is the future.

#Newdex #EOS #DEX #Crypto

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