If you are not a #KLV bag holder, I don't think it is wise to join the Klever Blockchain Governance token minting event.

The initial minting token will be 150,000 #KFI in 30days.

The team will be pulling out 2.5Million of their KLV to mint KFI, and all KLV generally used in minting the governance token will be burnt at the end of the event.

A total supply of 1Million KFI will be minted in a space of 20years (initial 150,000 in the first 30days). And according to the structure, the team will minting 100,000KFI, why the public will mint 50,000KFI.

So, I believe it is NOT WISE to join the minting process if you are not a bag holder.

The only wise choice is to wait when the minted token is listed (and on it first dip), you buy (the dip).

But, if you wish to partake in the minting process, Note your KLV will be burnt and never returned.

The governance token minting process will drive the price of KLV, so I will advice you just HODL (stake it).

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