World’s First Ever Permissionless Blockchain

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The first decentralized smart contract platform for creating and connecting dApps, CBDCs, Enterprises, and Digital Assets.

A project that features a hybrid dual chain consensus mechanism, combining Proof-of-Work and HotStuff, to scale to billions of users and preserve full decentralization.

It provides a truly decentralized and scalable protocol, combined with an accessible and intuitive user interface to lay out a comprehensive foundation for developers to create groundbreaking apps.

#CPH is world’s first ever permissionless blockchain with the most advanced BFT consensus algorithm. Their network is pliable, and it will be possible for many different industries to leverage our technology to become leaders in their own spaces.

Cypherium and Enterprise-Ready Blockchain. Addressing the key shortcomings of existing public blockchain infrastructures and enabling interoperability in every corner of the ecosystem.
Using a hybrid consensus mechanism that utilizes both Proof-of-Work and HotStuff, our blockchain is designed to achieve commercialization viability by maximizing both decentralization and scalability without sacrificing one for the other.

Official TokenSale:

Engaging with world Leaders of Financial Industry.


CypherLink: Notary scheme cross ledger framework
Cypherium Connect: Third party plugin module for banking systems
Cypherium Validator: Verification machine
Cypherium ID: Decentralized ID authentication system


24/7/365 available, real-time intermediary to replace the inefficient legacy inter-bank communication systems and to connect digital assets all around the world
ISO 20022 compliant and can seamlessly be embedded with the the current financial system Third party plugin module for banking systems.

Want to democratize the development of smart contracts and lower the barrier to blockchain adoption for an existing enterprise? contact #Cypherium.


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